UIX Design San Jose

UIX (User Interface XML) is a group of technologies that establish a foundation for building web applications. The chief emphasis of UIX is the user presentation layer of an application, with added functionality for activities, such as event management and application flow management. At C3i3 Interactive Inc., we create UIX Design San Jose businesses have come to know and trust for preferred, tailored applications with page-based navigation instead of full-featured applications that can require advanced interaction, such as an integrated development environment (IDE).

An application can correlate with UIX in predefined places called decision points. There, a decision or transaction is made by the operator, or a specific action is automatically triggered. At a new decision point, execution of an action terminates. The application’s structure is delivered to UIX in configuration files, which can be ASCII files, resource files, or databases.

UIX includes several technologies, including Java class libraries, APIs, XML languages, and other technologies that help in the delivery of web-based applications. We may use one or more of the above methods to develop UIX. To get the most optimized UIX design, check out our web development page, or send an inquiry on our contact us page.